When Does Life Begin?

One of the most important issues facing us, I believe, is abortion.  If we believe that Elohim (God) is the creator and giver of life then, and believe that he has commanded us not to murder then we must be concerned with when life begins, because if life begins at conception then to terminate a pregnancy is murder.

When does life begin?  I believe at conception.  A fertilized egg has all the necessary ingredients to categorize it as a human being.  A sperm does not; neither does an egg.

Of course the argument is always presented that a “fetus” (a term used in many cases just to sterilize the sin) must be viable outside the womb.  I believe this point fails in this respect.  If at conception the fertilized egg is left alone without an outside intervention it will normally and naturally come to term without any help from anyone.  Something traumatic, something unnatural such as a sickness, malnourishment, or some other intervention must occur for the baby NOT to come to full term.  On the other hand after a baby is born, unless there is intervention by someone to feed, cloth, clean, and comfort the baby, the baby will die.  Therefore in terms of survival a fetus is just as or more viable than a newborn.

What is viability?  I believe it is the ability for a life to continue in the environment in which it finds itself.  The baby in the womb has everything he needs to live.  He has food from his mother.  He is surrounded by amniotic fluid for his comfort and safety.  He actually breathes the amniotic fluid in and out of his lungs.  This is his natural environment.  He is not viable outside the womb, because that is not his proper environment.

Fish breath under water.  If you take them out of the water they will die.  Does that mean they are not viable?  Of course not.  They are fish not land animals.

Following his birth a human being breathes air.  If you hold them under water for too long they will drown.  Does that mean they are not viable.  Of course not.  They are not fish.

All life is viable in the environment for which they were designed by Elohim.  An unborn baby is viable in his proper environment, the womb.

Please view the “180 Movie” on this subject at www.180movie.com.  This is excellent.

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One Comment on “When Does Life Begin?”

  1. Len Fulmer says:

    I always found it ironic that the same folks who would destroy a little one the womb are the first to be up in arms which the baby later is murdered and consider the act such a tragedy .

    Nice blog,
    Len Fulmer (solascriptura)

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