Correct Me If I’m Wrong!

Not about my Bible or political comments.  I’ll always be right about those.  🙂

What I need help with is my spelling and my English.  If you see an error let me know.

The reason I need help is that English was the only foreign language I took in school.


2 Comments on “Correct Me If I’m Wrong!”

  1. Posiak Stephen says:

    Hi Herb,

    I found your blog from the GameKnot site and am interested on your personal spiritual journey. Your blog title says “Why Messianic” yet I haven’t seen any indication of this this. How did you come to choose to follow Yashua?

  2. HerbB52 says:

    Well, I’m working on it. I have several articles started that I haven’t finished. That was my intent though.

    When you say “How did you come to choose to follow Yashua?” I assume you mean to become a Messianic. I have been a believer in Yeshua (who I called Jesus until about 4 years ago) since I was 11.

    There are a number of influences that brought me to a Messianic understanding. The first indication that there was a question about shabbat I got from my grandfather who used to get “The Plain Truth” magazine from Herbert W. Armstrong. I had a Seventh Day Adventist roommate in college, and some other things that got me questioning. Then with some of my own study I came to the Messianic conclusion.

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