Correct Me If I’m Wrong!

Not about my Bible or political comments.  I’ll always be right about those.  🙂

What I need help with is my spelling and my English.  If you see an error let me know.

The reason I need help is that English was the only foreign language I took in school.


Terminology or Technobabble?

One of the blind spots I have found among folks in the Messianic movement is that some like to talk in a technobabble.  By the term “technobabble” I mean they talking in terms not understood by their uninitiated listeners.  Often they speak this way to impress others, or because it sounds spiritually superior to them.  Unfortunately they are accomplishing exactly the opposite effect.  You do not prove that you are smarter or better than other people by talking “over their heads”.

Herb’s Rule of Being Understood:

Smart people understand their audience, and are able to speak to their audience so their audience  understands.

There may actually be occasions where the person(s) listening won’t be able to understand.  Several are:

  1. The listener does not have the mental capacity to understand, or just doesn’t care.  In this case it is waste of time to try to explain.  This is similar the seed by the wayside (Mark 4.4).
  2. The listener is too biased to “hear” what you are saying.   This is a case that is worse than the first.  At least you might be able to educate the ignorant.  “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.” (Pro 26:12 KJV).  This is similar to the seed that fell on the stony ground (Mark 4.5).
  3. The listener just doesn’ t have the time to consider the discussion.  This is similar to the seed that fell among thorns (Mark 4.7).

If the person listening does not fall into one of these categories, and is nominally intelligent and “listens” to you you should be able to make yourself understood.

It is for this reason that I will be posting definitions in separate posts under the category of “Terminology”.  These will be to assist anyone reading to understand what I am talking about, but also to enable me to be concise and not have to repeat the definition in each post.  So if you find a word that you are not quite sure you understand look under the category of “Terminology”.

If you don’t find the term there or my definition is not adequate post a comment, and I will attempt to clear up my own “technobabble”.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Let me hear from you.

Why Wordpress?

Just a note to my few friends about my new blog on WordPress of the same name as the one on Blogspot.  Blogspot has an error I keep getting which has been around for months so unless they get it cleared up pretty quick I’m moving over to WordPress.